SWC 301

Premium Quality Monaural Headset

For all Avaya Phone Models


Supplied complete with an intelligent

i12 bottom cord with an RJ9 plug


Ready to Plug & Play



The i12 cord has an 8 position sliding switch which can be easily set to match your AVAYA phone



The Ultra Noise Cancelling Microphone prevents most background sounds including office chatter being heard by your distant party. This combined with the Wideband Speech feature allows you to have more natural sounding relaxed conversations





The quick disconnection point allows you to detach from the bottom cord and walk away whilst still wearing the headset top without losing the caller. On you return you reconnect and carry on the call without having to readjust your headset



If you have any questions please contact me    nigel@swco.co




ONLY £45  includes Special Delivery & Vat